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Pandora: Software the way it should be.

Delivering wide-ranging administration capabilities as SaaS

Admin Anywhere 
Execute your business processes via a web browser, securely, from anywhere.

Speed-to-Market through configuration
Entering a new market or designing and testing a new product can take time. Accelerate design and delivery with OPAL's consultants and configurable Software-as-a-Service.

Cloud computing gives you the most flexible yet secure solution platform, offering scalability, elasticity and replication when you need it. We can locate your cloud wherever  you require, giving you ultimate piece of mind!

Totally Connected Customers
All interfaces are optimised for multi-device use.  Your customers can switch between devices for a responsive and consistent experience from anywhere.

Availability with Simplicity
Software as a Service (SaaS) – Pandora is available on demand 24x7 over the Internet and requires no local installation, reducing in house IT support requirements.

Digital adoption, now
We help our clients deliver their digital strategy with Pandora and consultancy. A wide range of customer self-service transactions are processed straight through the entire environment. This eliminates unnecessary manual intervention, reducing risk, cost, as well as delivering superior customer service and lots of data for analysis.

Cloud Based Technology

OPAL's SaaS utilises the latest cloud-based technology to help reduce capital expenditure, increase scalability and allow you and your colleagues to concentrate on doing your jobs. You don’t need to buy  or support hardware, arrange maintenance contracts or be queued in an IT department's congested project timetable.

Ultimate Flexibility

OPAL offers a range of solutions to help you meet you business objectives.  From fully outsourced Third Party Administration or BPaaS through to subscribing to our SaaS for you to manage your products in-house, there is a solution that is right for you.  Maybe your ideal would be to share or split  administration functions with us. Pandora means you can.

Our Portal, Your Brand

Pandora will be branded in line with your requirements. All users can execute the transactions they need from secure, fully branded pages and as Pandora  is a single integrated application, your customers, intermediaries and employees will access data that is up to date.