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Pandora is designed to satisfy the changing preferences of how the connected customer wants to run their lives and interact with their suppliers

Customers want to do more than view statements and update name and address. They want to feel in control and effect change from wherever they may be.

PANDORA was developed by us to our clients’ requirements.
Self-service capabilities include:

Secure login
We work with clients’ information security teams to ensure that corporate requirements are met. As standard, we require a user password and security question, combined with a system-issued PIN code to enable log-in.

Smartphone and Tablet enabled
With the rapidly increasing use of smartphones and tablets on the commute to and from work, OPAL ensures your customers can switch between devices for a consistent experience, no matter how they wish to contact you.

Intuitive Customer Diary
All interactions relating to the customer’s account will be accessible to you, your customer and your intermediaries as required. Your customers will be able to print or download PDF copies of all documents and reports, from the diary function. This provides total transparency for your customers and intermediaries, improving the customer experience and potentially reducing phone calls.

Anytime valuation or statement production
Your customers can produce a statement detailing their account holdings, dividend or CGT position at anytime.

Modelling tools / Top-up quotations 
For investment products, features such as modelling the effects of Portfolio re-balancing can be produced by the customer. Insurance customers can obtain online quotations or top up their cover online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Claims (registration & management)
Many of our clients are happy to process claims online.  More and more do not require original documentation and allow the customer to scan and upload images to validate the claim. This significantly reduces the duration and cost of the claims assessment and decision processes. By enabling customers to track progress of their claims, incoming claims update calls are radically reduced and the claims experience improved.

Online Product Application
Your customers can purchase products online with complex transactions like underwriting performed by OPAL's own capability or via API calls to third party services, giving instant decisions and avoiding referrals wherever possible.

Maturity / Surrender requests
Online maturity or surrender removes the need for “wet” signatures by using secure customer identification methods, in line with clients’ compliance and security standards.

Direct Debit management
Your customers can amend bank details, cancel or amend their Direct Debits and change the collection date: all online.