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Business agility through class leading Speed to Market

We can launch a new product in 45 days.

This is just one of the many ways in which OPAL can enable the Speed to Market required by our clients, whether in bringing a new product to market, entering a new market sector or outsourcing / insourcing a book of business.

OPAL works the way our customers need us to in order to maintain or enhance their competitive capability. Doing so rapidly and efficiently is the result of many years’ experience and utilising the configurability of our software.


Accelerate your Digital Strategy
Transition to a digital world

Essential to support any direct to consumer (D2C) product, OPAL can help you accelerate your digital strategy through our technology and services. 

Technology Platform:
A feature rich technology platform that can be accessed by all users via a browser.  It manages the complete product lifecycle without the overheads in  software development, hardware purchase, hosting and support fees etc. by taking advantage of the very latest cloud technology.

Expert Services:
Our expert services, available from early strategic consultancy through the entire product lifecycle, will ensure a higher velocity than can be achieved alone

Increased insight, increased performance

In 2013 Bain and Company studied 400 large companies and “found that those with the most advanced analytics capabilities are outperforming competitors by wide margins”. Advanced analytics needs data. The more transactions that are automated, the more data that can be captured.

Our Customer self-service capability provides more than simply ‘change of address’ and ‘statement download’ transactions creating a rich supply of operational and behavioural data for analysis.

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